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Funeral Services

"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living." Marcus Tulliuis Cicaro
Angels From Above has a vast variety of services to accomodate any demands required to create your envisioned funeral. From beginning to end, we understand your desires and will attain them stress-free. The Angels are here to assist in everything you need in the most difficult of times. We know we will make that special difference. 
We are able to cover all religious and cultural requirements. 
We discuss with you the preferred dates and times of both the viewing and funeral service and are able to book them with ease. 
We cover all paperwork; from the Death Certificate, to the burial papers.
We can simply book your preferred celebrants.
We are able to fulfil the loved ones desire of entombment; whether it be:
We can organise a display of flowers and wreaths for the service.
We have a playlist of music, or can use your own preference.
We are able to organise a member of he family to speak on behalf of the deceased, or offer our assistance.
We have Hearse and cars available for hire, not only for the passed loved one, but also for the close family.
Infant and Pet funerals are also readily available.
Below are some examples of coffins we have available to select. Please contact one of our Angels for prices and other designs.
  • Burial (of which we have a large selection of Coffins and Caskets)
  • Cremation (a variety of urns are available for selection)
  • Crib (your design can be created)

Last Supper
The Angels From Above hearse:


Lou Franzin: 0417 029 252

Rose Pirrello: 0412 273 972

Head Office: (02) 9834 2164



Angels From Above Funeral Services

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